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Lake Ontario Fishing Trips

Looking for a memorable fishing trip to Lake Ontario? You have landed at the perfect spot. We at Lake Ontario Fishing Charter offer world-class, top of the line fishing charter services, guaranteed to make your trip enjoyable and joyful. Our aim is to give you a lifetime experience of fishing not compromising on safety and quality at all.

When it comes to fishing in the Great Lakes, it is not an easy nut to crack. Lake Ontario is the smallest lake among the five lakes originating from the base of Niagara Falls, this beautiful lake extends over an enormous area 7340 square miles. This lake might be the smallest area wise but, it has the deepest waters. With a depth ranging from around 280 ft up to 800 ft in some areas, this lake is rightfully termed as the “fishing heaven” by many fishing enthusiasts. Fishes like chinook salmon, walleye and Coho salmon are the jewels in the crown of Lake Ontario.

At Lake Ontario Fishing Charter in New York, we are a professional team and we know the waters better than anyone. We use top quality and finest boats and gear. Ontario fishing trips are among the most renowned fishing expeditions around the world. Over the years, we have made amazing memories with hundreds of clients from all walks of life and all age groups.

Want a memorable escapade to hold on to the memories for the rest of your lives? We are just a call away. Bring your friends and family along. Book your appointment today and let us entertain you!

Lake Ontario Fishing For Salmon, Trout & Walleye


When looking for Lake Ontario salmon fishing charters, look no further. Our team has got the expert fishers in the field. We will provide you with all the required equipment like baits, gear, lures on board and our experts will be with you at every step of the way providing you with all the guidance.

In the magnificent waters of Lake Ontario, two species of Pacific salmon are found in abundance; Chinook and Coho Salmon.

In tributaries of NY and Lake Ontario, there are roughly 1.7 million Chinook Salmon and 250,000 Coho salmon stocked on an annual basis.

The ideal time for catching salmon begins around September and goes on till November. The peak time is first half of October. Aim for the thirty pounders, fellas! We are talking big here. Although catching some big fish may be an arduous task often, but don’t worry at Lake Ontario salmon fishing charters have got you covered.



Species of trout inhabiting the Ontario waters are Brown Trout, Lake Trout and Rainbow Trout. Among these shallow water, brown trout is the common trout specie found in vastness of Lake Ontario.

The brown trout are located in areas of water that are closer to the shores hence called as shallow brown trout.

Spring time is the most ideal time to catch brown trout with your fellas. Brown trout remains near the shores in the cooler times, but as the water warms up they tend to go in the middle waters. Our experts know the exact location and right gear to hunt down those trout for you.

Rainbow trout also called as steelheads are found in upper regions as compared to other trout species and even salmons with respect to thermocline. They only disperse in deep waters during summers. It is very popular among fishermen because of its beauty.

Lake trout is a typical cold water species found inhabiting Lake Ontario abundantly.

We have a record of thirty pounders so you must know we are talking big here. Lake trout prefer colder waters hence they are mostly in the deep waters. These fish are the predictable in terms of fishermen hence rightfully referred as “bread and butter” in the fish community.


Walleye are found scattered in the whole of Ontario region. Walleye are easily catchable in fall, winter and spring season.

In winter, you can catch it using ice fishing strategy. In the spring find them in open waters. While in summers they can be found in the cooler regions of Lake Ontario specially the bigger ones but the smaller walleye may still be near the shores.

Walleye is a predator and tricky fish to catch. So, you will need Lake Ontario fishing charter to guide you and who’s better than us?

We are the best walleye fishing charters in the area. So, wait no further and book your slot today!

Why Lake Ontario Charters?

Boat & Captain

Our magnificent Lake Ontario charter boat is the finest of its kind, put up by the best of builders around the world. Equipped with all kinds of modern gears, this boat is gives its riders all the comfort and luxury along with the security.

You can enjoy a safe and memorable fishing experience that will compel you to come again for sure.

Our Captain is one of the most sought after and well-liked captains in the Lake Ontario region. A delightful person to interact with, he is the fishing expert and a living legend.

A moment in the conversation and you will sense his expertise and his fondness of fishing. He started fishing at a very innocent age. 

Affordable Costs

We offer an array of packages with an aim to meet the needs of all types of clients.

We use top class gear keeping in view your safety and comfort. The best thing about us is everybody can afford us. Have you ever seen a better combo; Best services and modest cost?

Enjoy a memorable experience and that too at a very friendly cost.
So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up the phone and book your trip now!


Apart from the great fishing experience, you are sure to enjoy a lodging experience of a lifetime. Our lodge is the perfect lodge that there could ever exist.

Located at a (small distance) from Lake Ontario, our beautiful lodge awaits you to crash after a long, tiring and happening day of fishing with our team.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Well kept rooms with clean beddings and comfortable furniture, equipped with all the amenities is our key feature.

We have ample rooms, so if you are planning a fishing escapade, we have it covered.
Our lodge is designed in a way to make you feel at home and provide you with the comfort regardless of any weather conditions. So, don’t wait around and plan a trip wit us today.

Top Lake Ontario Fishing Destinations

Wondering what are the top Lake Ontario fishing destinations? Take a look at the most visited and liked destinations among the fishing lovers at Lake Ontario:

Oswego Lake Ontario
Oswego, NY
Rochester, NY
Sodus Point, NY
Sodus Point, NY
Pulaski, NY
Pulaski, NY

No. you will have to bring your meals along. Or you can cook in the kitchen or outdoors. Also there are many eateries nearby.

Yes, we do. You can bring cameras along if you want to.

No, you cannot. We have planned so much fun activities for you which cannot be covered in one day unfortunately.

Yes, you need to bring your fishing license with you to avoid any inconvenience.

Yes, you can come. Our experts are there for a reason. They will guide you at every step and you will have a great hands on experience.

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