New York Fishing Guide 2020

New York Fishing Guide 2020

Is Fishing Season Open in New York?

Around the U.S, the state of New York has been blessed with one of the best freshwater bodies around the world. New Yorkers seem to really enjoy fishing as a sport and hobby. Due to the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, most of the New York state has been shut down. Anglers must be anxious about the fishing season. Well, the good news is it will kick off as per schedule on April 1, 2020.

The state Department of Environment (DEC) has advised people to go on with the fishing bearing in mind all the safety measures in light of the coronavirus pandemic. DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos believes that in these unfortunate times of crisis where almost everyone is having mental health issues, getting out in the fresh air and fishing could really prove to be relaxing for people and could divert their attention for some good time.

New York fishing sports contribute a great deal to the US economy supporting up to 11000 jobs. NY waters are open to year-round fishing even in winters if the waters are running. In fact, winter steelhead is considered quite a catch by the anglers. There are different time frames designated for different fish species to ensure a regulation of the hobby all year around.

Can you fish year-round in NY?

In NY you are free to fish all year around. So, go out and fish as much as you like.

Is night fishing legal in NY?

Unlike other states fishing is legal in New York at night as well. You just have to run a confirmation before planning a trip.

New York Fishing Regulations 2020

Fishing is a favourite weekend excursion for many New Yorkers since ages. Department of Environmental Conservation makes sure everybody gets the best out of this great outdoor activity.

Thus there are certain points that you should keep an eye for and you are good to go on and enjoy a ticket-less fishing time in NewYork state.

  1. A person is not allowed to catch any fish beyond the allowed daily limit or specified size. Catching fish beyond limit is allowed but it must be released immediately.
  2. Fishing in closed season is strictly prohibited. Any fish caught in its closed season must be relased.
  3. Any fish that is enlisted as endangered or threatned by DEC is illegal to possess.
  4. Foul-hooked fish must be released into the water immediately.
  5. Gaffs are off limits while fishing in freshwater except for ice fishing.

There are also some daily limits set for certain fish that you must know before hand:

  1. When fishing for trout mainly Brooke, Brown and Rainbow, an angler is allowed only 5 a day.
  2. Lake Trout and Atlantic Salmon have a daily limit of 3 only.
  3. Black Bass, Northern Pike, Pickerel, Lake Whitefish and Walleye are allowed 5 per day.
  4. You can catch only 1 Muskellunge, Tiger Muskellunge and Stripped Bass per day.
  5. Some fish are allowed in huge numbers like Kokanee (10), Crappie and American Eel 25 each, Yellow Perch and Sunfish 50 each in a day

Read more at and get a complete guide on the dos and don’ts of fishing in NY state.

Where Can I Fish In New York?

A good fishing spot is an angler’s dream. It takes years of experience and knowledge to know what the fishing hotspots are. There are many New Yorkers who are fishing enthusiasts but don’t know where to go and fish. 

Are you looking forward to a relaxing fishing moment on a warm day and connecting to nature? Well you are not alone! We have searched every nook and corner and jotted down few of our favourite hotspots for fishing. 

To get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City and wearing off the stress of coronavirus situation in summer 2020, plan a fishing trip to one of these spots:


  • Crotona  Park
  • Van Cortland Park

Staten Island

  • Clove Lakes Park
  • Wolfe’s Pond Park


  • Centre Park Lake
  • Hudson River Park


  • Baislay pond Park
  • Kissena Lake


  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Prospect Park Lake

What Fish Are In Season In NY?

Fishing happens all year round in New York but you cannot just throw an angler and possess whichever fish you catch. DEC has put certain limitations on the kind of fish you can catch and possess in a specific season. Let’s take a look at some prominent fish you can catch and what time of the year:

SpeciesOpen Season
Northern Pike1st Sat in May through March 15
Trout—Brook, Brown and Rainbow including hybrids and SplakeApril 1 through Oct 15
Lake SturgeonClosed
Lake TroutApril 1 through Oct 15
Pickerel1st Sat in May through March 15
Landlocked (LL)/ Atlantic SalmonApril 1 through Oct 15
Walleye1st Sat in May through March 15
MuskellungeLast Sat in May through Nov 30
CrappieAll year 
Yellow PerchAll year
 Coho Salmon, Chinook SalmonAll year
Lake WhitefishAll year

How To Select Fishing Charter In NY?

The word fishing charter flashes images of partying and fun on board in our minds. Getting a good fishing charter ensures a quality trip with your friends and family and memories of a lifetime. Once in a while you get to get away from the hustle of the city New York, hence you wouldn’t like to have a topsy-turvy experience at all. Let’s look onto some tips and ideas on booking the best charter and have a perfect day out on the beautiful waters of NY:

Type of Fishing Experience:

  • Decide beforehand what kind of experience you are looking forward to have: a private charter where you can tailor everything that suits you or a shared charter where you get to meet new people and enjoy food, drinks and fishing on the board.
  • Where you choose to fish will make all the difference.
    • In shore trip: a short trip in which you get to fish near the land where the waters is calm and there are small fish to catch.
    • Nearshore trip: it is all about moving away from shore in open waters and catching some delicious fish.
    • Offshore trip: a whole day trip plus you get to loose enjoy the blue waters

Decide beforehand what is your goal of the day out; do you want a jus fun trip with family or you want to you have set eyes on a big pounder or you want to come back with a full cooler.

Picking a Charter Service:

  • Get to know the captain thoroughly before you book; check the fishing reports to know about the captains in person, their fishing experience and their reviews.
  • Choose a boat of your dreams. You get to choose from an array of options each with its unique features.
  • The accurate paperwork (like the licenses and permits) is what you should be sure of before booking so that you know you are in safe hands on board.

Plan your budget wisely; don’t opt for the cheapest option as nothing good comes cheap.

Shooting the breeze with Captain

Once you have decided upon the charter, pick up the phone and talk to captain to fill in the gaps. Ask all the questions you have in mind and clear confusions if there are any.

Book Away

Don’t delay any further and book away the fishing charter of your choice. Your perfect day out is few taps away!