Salmon Fishing Lake Ontario NY 2020 Guide

Salmon Fishing Lake Ontario NY 2020 Guide

When Is Salmon Season In Lake Ontario, NY?

Salmon fishing season is on all year around in Lake Ontario, NY. Lake Ontario, New York is quite famous for its salmon fishery. Attracting anglers from the whole country and even from outside US, salmon fishing is a famous and favourite sport among the masses.

Despite the ongoing pandemic situation since the start of year 2020, salmon season will be as per usual with all the necessary precautions recommended for preventing the outbreak and keeping it from spreading.

So, those who are after some Pacific Salmon must be happy to hunt their favourite fish all year around. The only thing that must be kept in mind is the size of the fish which must not be beyond 12”.

Where To Fish For Salmon In Lake Ontario, NY?

It’s often a point of disappointment for the anglers when they can’t hit the perfect spot for salmon fishing. We understand the pain. It takes a lot of years of knowledge and expertise to know where you can find the best salmon in the Lake Ontario, NY. Here we have jotted down some of our favourite salmon fishing hot spots for you:

  1. Sterling Creek
  2. Lower Niagara River
  3. South Sandy Creek
  4. Salmon River
  5. Oswego River
  6. Genesee River
  7. Black River
  8. Sandy Creek
  9. Oak Orchard Creek
  10. Eighteen Mile Creek

What Kinds Of Salmon You Can Catch In Lake Ontario, NY?

When it comes to salmon, Lake Ontario has been blessed with the best. Expect to find some top-notch salmon species like:

  1. Coho Salmon
  2. Chinook Salmon
  3. Some other hybrid varieties

Not the high quality is the only attraction, trophy fish like heavy weight salmon is what draws the anglers from round the world to Lake Ontario waters. Gear up for some 30 and 40 pounders. Yes, you read that right!

Tips To Catch Salmon In Lake Ontario, NY

Who would mind some tips from the experts? Enjoy the handful of tips from the experts for getting hands on gamefish:

  • First things first. Make sure you check all the safety check points first. Right boat suitable for the depth, GPS and marine radio are all quintessential.
  • You must know the desirable temperature of salmon is around 60F. Use temperature probes before throwing the anglers.
  • The best baitfish for salmon are alewife and rainbow smelt. Make sure they are nearby.
  • Hunt at the right depth points as you must know salmon changes depths according to the seasons.

Best Lures To Catch Salmon In Lake Ontario, Ny?

A perfect and suitable lure can change the fishing game altogether. So, after years of keen observation and extensive experience of salmon fishing in the Great Lakes, we have picked out the best lures for salmon. Here, we would like you to pass on the knowledge to you:

  1. Northern King and Dreamweaver Spoons
  2. Flasher with Hoochie
    • Salmon Hoochie
    • Salmon Hoochie and Fly Combo
  3. Pro-troll Flasher with Fly
    • Ace Hi Fly (Silver Horde)
    • Salmon Leader with Hooks
  4. Orange J-9 Jointed Rapala (specially for Coho Salmon)
  5. Blue Coyote Spoon
  6. Little Cleo Spoons
  7. Stinger Spoons
  8. KO Wobbler
  9. Salmon and Steelhead Hooks
  10. Salmon Float
  11. Downrigger

NY Fishing Regulations 2020

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has put the whole world at a halt, New York is no exception. Most parts of New York have been shut down due to the unfortunate times.

Amidst all chaos, there is good news for the anxious fishing enthusiasts who can’t wait to grab their anglers and throw them in waters of Lake Ontario, NY to catch some of the top-quality salmon. You can go out and fish those salmon that you have an eye on since long in Lake Ontario waters.

According to the Commissioner, Basil Seggos; DEC people must get out to enjoy fishing during these unfortunate times of coronavirus situation as fishing will put a great effect on both mental and physical health of people which is quite at stake nowadays.

Before you get your boots ready, keep in mind that you must take good care of the precautions issued by DEC as per ongoing coronavirus situation. For further details, you can read more here.

There are regulations for salmon fishing by DEC that you must not forget in order to enjoy a ticket free fishing escapade. These are:

  1. The minimum size of salmon allowed for catching and possessing is 12’’. Catching salmon smaller than this size is illegal in New York.
  2. As trout and salmon are the jewels of Great Lakes waters, you can catch them in any combination but the number must not exceed beyond 3.
  3. You are allowed to catch three salmon at a time. it is up to you whether you would like a combo of salmon and trout or all three Chinook salmon or a combo of chinook and Coho.
  4. You cannot snag a salmon in NY as snagging or any foul hooking is illegal and you can get a ticket for it.
  5. If you plan to fish at night, make sure you have the permission of the park before you go there as some parks in New York do not allow night time fishing.
  6. Likewise, if you try to fish out of season you can get caught and face repercussions of your act. Even mere taking a picture of a off-season fish would cost you around $250.
  7. The size of the hook really matters when you fish so using an appropriate hook will get you more salmon. Usually all hook sizes go well with salmon but size 4 is the most recommended one.