Where is Lake Ontario?

Lake Ontario on the map

What country is Lake Ontario in?

Located elliptically between Canada and U.S, the enormous waterbody belongs to both countries with water boundaries meeting in the middle of the lake. The great freshwater body is surrounded by Canadian province on north, west and south west and by New York on eastern and southern side. So, you can say it exists in two countries simultaneously providing homes and drinking water to almost 9 million people from U.S and Canada.

How long is Lake Ontario?

When talking about the length, we are talking really long here Lake Ontario spreads like a spiral along the U.S-Canadian border over 311 kms (193 miles).

Where does Lake Ontario start and end?

You can rightly call it a lake of two countries. The gigantic Lake Ontario spreads enormously over the US-Canadian border; it starts at Niagara Falls, Canada and after covering an area of over 18,000 square metres, ends at city of Oswego in New York.

What states border Lake Ontario?

Overall a total of eight states from U.S and one province touch the Great Lakes at different sides. If we take into consideration Lake Ontario specifically, on the Canadian sides, province Ontario borders it hence named after the lake. Whereas, on the American side of the land, it is bordered by state of New York.

Lying eat to west, the starting point is at Niagara Falls, Canada – the main feeder of the lake. Past a cluster of islands and a large surface area, discharges its waters at St Lawrence River via Kingston Basin in Canada.  In NY, Genesee, Black rivers and Oswego are the other tributaries of Lake Ontario while at Trent River in Canada.

What is so special about Lake Ontario?

Lake Ontario is one of the world’s most beautiful lakes and for all the right reasons, is famous globally. In terms of surface area this picturesque lake holds 14th rank worldwide.

It is the smallest member of the family called Great Lakes which is the biggest freshwater system in the whole world. Spreading enormously over an area of 95,160 sq. miles, Great Lakes has a total of five lakes in it named Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario, all connected to each other via different rivers and waterbodies.